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It's an interesting fact that – despite resistance from the traditional primary care providers – urgent care centers are continuing an aggressive growth pattern. The reports that 700-800 new clinics open every year.  Since 2008, urgent care centers in the US have grown from 8,000 to 9,300.  Also from AAUCM, there are now 20,000 physicians who practice Urgent Care Medicine today, and the...

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You or someone you care for feels sick.  It often occurs after usual doctor's hours.  Maybe it's a case of a very sore throat that hurts so much the patient feels like he or she can hardly swallow without agonizing pain. It's surprising how often conditions that seem to need medical attention get worse immediately after most primary care doctors offices close, isn't it?  So, in the case of a...

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Treating a bleeding cut can be difficult and sometimes a little scary.  Here are some guidelines to will help you.  It's important to recognize exactly what kind of wound you are treating. This is a basic list of the different wound types. Incision - A clean cut, such as by a razor, knife or shard of glass. Laceration - A rough, irregular wound caused by a crushing blow,...

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If you thought it was tough now to get a quick appointment with your primary care doctor for minor procedures (vaccinations, blood tests, work physicals and the like) or for urgent care, it's going to get even worse and stay that way.  This is one of the driving forces behind the high demand for care in a modern, professional facility like Brookside Urgent Care Center. In the field of primary ca...

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